Sticky Bra Reviews – Adhesive Backless Bras For All Boob Sizes

The Ultimate Nipple Covers

These are another type of sticky bras. The best part is that these little covers are accustomed to the skin tones. You can match the silicone sticky nipple covers to your complexion and skin tone. They come in different sizes depending on how much do you need to cover your breast area near and around nipples.


Customers with a variety of needs based on a wide range of sizes such as A1 to D36 have responded positively to these sticky nipple covers. Ladies around the world find these bras of great practical value.

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For example, if you’re wearing this with the thin or see-through dress, they are so matched to your skin tone that photographs taken at dinner lights would never reveal the color contrast of the bra to the dress, as it usually happens when you’re wearing a fabric undergarment.

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Bunny-Shaped Push-Up Pasties

Is it just for fun? No, not at all. These silicone pasties are of great value for those need an immediate lift to especially the small and saggy breasts. The Bunny ears are useful in lifting and pasting the sticky bra next to the collar bone.


Hence these are pasted bit upwards to the chest do not have much liberty to wear strapless tops. The V-shaped tops are usually ideal for such pasties. Women with medium and large size breast have disapproved of these sticky bras and all those bits and practical.


The reason for disapproval of women medium and large size bobs is very basic, as these pasties do not lift the boob upwards as other standards pasties do. However, if you are a medium or big sized woman and you are okay with saggy boobs these pastries surely serve your purpose of covering the nipples properly.

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Invisible Breast-Lifting Silicone Pasties

The stickiest and well attuned to all types of skin tones these fit for all size silicon pasties are great. They come in only one size it is you who will make maximum use of it.


Well, small-breasted women would find these pastries as made for them. Medium and large size breasts can also be successfully covered and moderately lifted by these universal sized visible Breast-Lifting pasties.


These can be casually worn and respond to the sweaty weather. These pasties are pleased to wash and can be reused for a longer period.

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Adhesive Silicone Petal Breast Lifts

As the name suggests, look like flower petals. These excellent pastries give good coverage to the nipples and areola of your breasts. However, these adhesive breast lifts come in pink color only.


So your skin tone may not necessarily match it if you’re wearing something that can reveal your undergarments.


These are comparatively thick pasties and give a very good lift to all sizes of breasts. Some of the customers have found these adhesive pasties good for events but not for casual use

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Silicone Breast-Lift Pasties with Clasp

These pasties are great if you want to cover your nipple, lift the boobs, and show the cleavage.


It’s an excellent design that connects the two pasties with a clasp. The clasp performs an excellent function as it not only covers the nipples and lifts the boobs as its basic function but also forms a cleave.


Women with saggy and bell-shaped boobs find these pasties great. It is up to you as to what extent you want to lift the boobs and how deep you wish your cleavage, you can just pasties accordingly.

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Wing-Shaped Push-Up Strapless Self-Adhesive Plunge Bra


If you are interested in covering the larger beast area with push-up sticky bra then this is what you need. Designed with a great sense of aesthetics, this is a Wing-shaped push-up bra that self-adhesive and great for the plunge.

Women with all small, medium, and large size breasts have excellent reviews about this bra. This bra is good if you are wearing strapless, backless, and plunge of course, not a very deep one. When we say not very deep plunge, it means that the wings are connected so a very deep plunge may reveal the closure in the center.

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Seamless Circular NuBra with Center Clasp


Connected with closure it is a round-shaped bra. It performs all the functions of push-up, strapless, and sticky bra. It covers the breasts very well, gives a lift, and create a cleavage of your choice. The bra comes in size fits well into the cup size beasts.

However, women with small size breasts have also found this bra equally useful. The most prominent feature of this bra is that it can be worn all day long and due to its comfortable and easy on the skin features consumers have felt very comfortable. This is a reusable bra that can be washed and its adhesiveness remain intact. 

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Push-Up Combo Wing Bra with Underwire


This bra is not entirely sticky. However, the underwire provides support to lift the boobs, and the sticky steps on both sides of the bra help to stick well on the body. This bra has central closure that helps not only the overall function but also adds to cleavage.

This bra combination of conventional underwire and innovative sticky bras. Customers have found this bra good for events and special occasion dressing. The underwire and sticky strips on sides have made some customers uncomfortable as well.

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Push-Up Strapless Sticky Plunge Bra


The distinctive feature of this sticky bra is its round-shaped cups. It is made up of sticky but skin-friendly biological silicon. It is great for the deep plunge, backless equally good for strapless dresses.

However, customer reviews also revealed that women with medium and large size breasts use this bra for a limited time and feel uncomfortable after 3 to 4 hours. Another limitation of this bra that swept can impact the effectiveness of its adhesive features. Users of advice to wear it on the dry skin and avoid sweating while wearing it.

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Fantasy Strapless, Backless Drawstring Push-Up


Inspired by the tradition this bra comes just strings to the center closure. It is another top of push-up bra that serves the purpose one expects from the same category of strapless, backless, and push-up bras. This bra is heavy and is found particularly well for mid-sized boobs.

It’s a made up of excellent silicone that is hygienically proven and skin-friendly. Women with small and medium-sized breasts like this bra with some reservations as it is heavier than other silicon bras of the same category.

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Honorable Mention Sticky Bras

Some bras have drawn the attention of many customers around the globe. However, we chose and mentioned the following three bras under this category:

i. Boobs tape


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as its name suggests, it is a sticky tape that gives you an immediate solution when you want to cover and lift your boobs at the same time. These are far more adhesive than the other types of sticky bras. The customer reviews reveal they work very well while you’re wearing a strapless, backless, V-shaped plunge. It has given excellent results for those who are dancing and sweating parties. Hence it is much stickier than other bras you must pay special attention while removing it.

ii. Clear Silicon Bandeau


Simple design that provides seamless silicone bra with built-in wide center closure. it is made of clear and to some extent transparent silicon good for those women who wish to wear skin-tight tops. However, the adhesiveness of straps and the design has also received some negative comments from users.

iii. Nipple Cover Petals


These beautifully designed pasties are t cover your nipples. They are excellent for sensitive skin and last for a longer period. They use useful washable and reusable.

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