Full Figure Plus Size High Impact Wonderwire Sports Bra Reviews

Full Figure Plus Size High Impact Wonderwire Sports Bra

As the name suggests this is a specialized design for the big girls. Being a big sized woman sometimes becomes a challenge especially when you are troubled with finding a special purpose sports bra. Thee many varieties of sports bras available but the bra with wire is rare.


This underwire bra is called wonder wire because the way the wire is extra cushioned and does not impact your skin by putting any sort of pressure. The bra is hand washable and the cups are double layered. To adjust to your breast and bust size the straps come with the non-stretch adjustable mechanism.


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 Wonderwire Sports Bra Reviews


Lindsey Fritz

I love jogging and jumping the rope and sweat more than usual. Always faced two problems, one the bouncing boos and two, the sweating. I saw this bra on Amazon and ordered one set to check whether this really works.

After using is the first time I realized that I have solved both my problems. It has a nice free cup size and its moisture-wicking fabric really solved my problem. This is an ideal sports bra for big size girls who love jogging and rope jumping.



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