Freedom Bra Reviews-For All Boob Sizes Adhesive Bras Reusable

Women clothing has transformed in the past 100 years. The clothing can be divided into countless subtypes by cultural trends, demand, weather conditions, fashion and needs. However, women across the world have similar needs when it comes to undergarments and lingerie. Covering the private body parts is a not only cultural but also physiological and psychological need of a woman. Freedom Bra is culturally specific to reveal certain body parts or to cover those entirely.

Fareedom Bra

Though the percentage area of cover may vary, women breasts, most of the cases need to be covered by any means. In historical context, the first bra was invented and patented in Brooklyn, New York by Henry S. Lesher in the year 1859. Since then the modern bra has undergone revolutionary stages in terms of the design, materials, reusability and effectiveness. However, due to immense technological changes and changing the clothing fashions, the bra has been revolutionized last 20 years.

There has been a lot of talks and whether a typical type of bra is fit for all or they should be customized solution for women as per the physical, social, operational and psychological needs. Many companies have introduced several types of bra made up of different materials, designs, sizes and colours that would fit for all kinds of breasts.

Body types and lifestyle are two important aspects when it is precisely a woman chooses a specific bra as per the needs. The choice of a bra is also influenced by factors such as price, colour, and reusability. Currently, the bras are made up of material such as nylon, cotton, mixed fabric and silicon.

It is very important to understand that women for undergarments, particularly a bra, are focused on freedom of use and reusability of the product.

Internet is overwhelmed with a variety of products offering women countless choices terms of a bra selection. Beauty and aesthetics or the two most important and decisive factors for a woman to choose a bra.

The reviews of different users across the globe show that there is one company, the ‘Freedom Bra™” that has come up with an innovative solution for women to a wide range of bra product line.

Products of this company not only provides a wide range of different types of bra but also give women a lot of freedom in choosing a suitable bra that fits the body type in a general and particularly to the breast type.


Freedom Bras Reviews 2021

The freedom bra reviews have also shown that trend of high satisfaction among its users. Women all around the world have shown keen interest in the different bra types of this particular company.

The bra made up of silicone, also known as Silicon freedom bra is one of the most innovative designs so far well adopted by millions of women around the world. Some people say that silicone is one of the most abundant element after oxygen.

It has been used for breast implants enhance the boobs as size symbol of beauty and sexual appeal. The company has come up with a revolutionary product of an adhesive freedom bra also called or known as sticky bra that does not require any pull-ups, suspenders, back straps, buckles or even fancy bugles.

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Plus Size Magic Lift Full-Figure Support Bra⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Check Price
Fruit of the Loom Women’s BuiltUp Sports Bra⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Check Price
Spot Comfort Full-Support Sport Bra⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Check Price
Ultimate Embellished Push Up Bra⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Check Price

But, Stop!

It is easy to use as it has an adhesive surface that comfortably sticks to the beast skin. The Freedom Bra reviews by the first time and repeat buyers also embark on its phenomenal user-friendliness.

List Of Top 13 Best Freedom Bra Reviews

1. Backless Bra   

The Backless bra is an innovative idea that has become very popular in recent times. It gives a lot of freedom and liberty women who do not want front or backside closure systems. This bra was too major variations in it; one that comes with as sticky surface and directly stick the breasts and was not let the bra fall.


The other type of person is push up brand with combo wings. Women suffer these kinds of bras while wearing plunged necked dresses such commonly worn maxis. 

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2. Sticky Bra

It is an adhesive type of product with a sticky surface and directly sticks to the breasts. Such kinds of bras come in a great variety of sizes types and shapes with the umbrella of the Freedom bra brand. The smallest size of such bras is all popularly known “Pasties”.


Pasties range from nipple and areola covering sizes to full coverage bras. This type of bras is made of silicone. They used to wash and lost longer property taken care of.

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3. Push up bra

The most common and popular type of freedom bras available in the market. The main purpose of this bra is to lift and push the breasts upwards so that the cleavage becomes more prominent and visible.


However, health practitioners warn that size is an important aspect of the bra if the proper size that fits your body is not used can cause severe harm to your breasts. There are many types of push up bra; however, strapless, wireless, sports and cotton bra trendy among women around the globe.

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4. Rabbit Bra


These are the ear-shaped bunny adhesive that correctly attaches to the breasts. The term rabbit bra is self-explanatory as the shape of the bras resembles a rabbit head. These bras are available with a lot of variety in size, colour and quality of silicone material. 

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5. Women’s Comfort Revolution WireFree Bra Reviews

It is all in one of the most innovate and revolutionary type of bra that comes without any wires. It comes all cup and band sizes made up of more than 90% of nylon and spandex. The stretchable fabric is also helpful in making little adjustments when standard sizes are required with a little bit of variation.


This design comes with Hook and Eye back closure with ease of use. Fabric is washable in cold water and can be dried normally, no special considerations required. This design comes with both U and V-shaped backs.

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And the practical side of this particular design is functionally suitable for women with breasts. The cleavage can also be enhanced with little adjustment made by tackling straps. It is one of the most suitable designs for large saggy or relaxed type of breasts.  

I made the right choice- comfortable and value for money

Deborah Micheltestimonial-freedombrareviews

I was looking for the same product for almost three years as I tried many could not find something better than this. The C size breasts and fieldwork in sales was for havoc me to work comfortably before I got this product. It gives me comfort and confidence at the same time.

Always been feeling uncomfortable with the underwire bra as I felt that something would hope into my boobs, with this wire-free bra, I have psychological freedom to move around a lot to worry. I recommend this for ladies with big breasts.

Big comfort for big girls

Liz Brookstestimonial-freedombrareviews

I am a D size biggie was needed, something that not only gives comfort also peace of mind for at least 12 hours a day. I have a front desk job that requires frequent customer engagement all day long. From a simple challenge every day to choose a formal dress that fulfils special-needs. Whatever I wore was unable to hide my big breasts.

No customer would remain noticed my bust, once in a while it is fine, but all the long interacting with up to a hundred people and everyone giving the same reaction made be incredibly uncomfortable. I started wearing this product and found it excellent for me and my job. It is with comfy foam and does not have fuzzy padding. I love it.

Nice and comfortable bra


After going through dozens of use of the Internet, I finally decided to buy this bra. I was still not very sure whether this would work or not until I wore it. Straps are nice and comfortable on the shoulders and don’t put any stress.

The variety of colours and also very lovely and can be worn with almost all kinds of tops. After breastfeeding for two years, my breasts got saggy, and out of shape,

This bra gave me a lot of confidence as the could feel that very need for long hours at the positive impact on my body gradually getting back to shape. I’m sharing this purely a personal experience with a lot of confidence – the choice is yours.


6. Women’s Comfort Revolution Front-Close Shaping Underwire Bra Reviews

The major purpose of putting the underwire is to make sure that lower-lying positive area of breast covered and lift upwards. This Front-Close Shaping Underwire Bra comes in types of cup sizes. The push function reduces flattening and enhances the flattening of breast shape.

Womens Comfort Revolution Front-Close Shaping Underwire Bra Reviews

Women with Asymmetrical, side-set, east-west, comical breast types can make full use of it as it creates natural cleavage because of its adjustable from closing mechanism supported by high-quality spandex.

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This Bra also comes with both U and V-shaped backs. Made up with polyester, nylon and foam, this is extremely comfortable to put on for long hours of the day. 

Fit for my shape

Vicky Texastestimonial-freedombrareviews

I was looking for Bra online as I came across this Bra on Amazon. The front closure gives me a lot of comforts as I was not comfortable with the back closing bras for several reasons of personal choice. It has been almost a month that I’m using this product right after the first week of bought two more different colours.

The underwire gives extra port down the line and straps push the breasts of upwards without causing any discontent. I got the right thingy and going to use with lots of joy. 

Great underwire Bra


It is not the first freedom bra I bought, and I’ve been using similar products for years but always had issues with the front closing underwire bras. I purchased this Bra online with one thing in mind that experiment how does this work. I had a lot of fears about underwire bra as usually, they are not very gentle and lower linings of the breast skin.

Pleasantly when I first used this Bra, I felt so good and comfortable that I recommended it to my friends.

Don’t miss this Bra

Bhartia Agarwaltestimonial-freedombrareviews

This is one of the wonders women can have. I was amazed that comfortable like padding and soft straps when I first wore it. My problem was my larger than normal nipples. I tried many bras that have me push my nipples back button cost of digging the straps and underwire piping deep into my skin.

After wearing this Bra, I have felt amazingly comfortable as my breasts comfortably rest within the cups nipples are also not badly pressed against the outer surface. I challenge you that you will not find anything like this Bra.


7. Women’s 18 Hour Ultimate Lift and Support Wire-Free Bra Reviews

Barbara Wainscot 

Truly living up to its name, this particular Bra can be worn up to 18 hours. Cushioned strap and shoulders are the basic common feature of all variations within the same design. The main purpose of the soft Cushioned straps is to provide ultimate comfort. With the Cushioned straps, this Bra is supported with the inner straps and center belt.

Womens 18 Hour Ultimate Lift and Support Wire-Free Bra Reviews

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This is washable and can be dried normally. Suitable for all sizes 18 Hour Ultimate Lift and Support Wire-Free Bra the very fact money was coming in the model to a company the relationship in response to the niggling fact that the reason more particularly beautifies the curvy women with large natural breasts. It is equally good for women with round, teardrop and relaxed type of breasts. 

literally 18 hours of comfort

Kelly Edwintestimonial-freedombrareviews

When I first saw the name of the product, it struck my mind how is it possible, can someone be wearing a bra for 18 hours and not feel uncomfortable. The claim was quite impressive and too good to be true. The description also is matched my needs as it gives hope that it is good for women with big natural breast. I will not comment here on my size.

I can say that I am one of those women in their late 30s with huge natural breasts. Being a housewife and mother of three kids, I have to do a lot at home. I needed something that could actually work for the all-day-long, and that’s what this Bra does. The most amazing thing about this Bra is that it is wire-free, which gives me a lot of breathing space as I hate wires.

Good lightweight Bra

Nina Jacksontestimonial-freedombrareviews

The best thing about this Bra is that it holds the breasts upright and shape them nicely. It’ is lightweight as compared to other available in the market and saying this because I have used quite a few. It is quite obvious that the many other similar bras available in the market especially online.

As compared to the expensive bras of a big brand (names not mention) I have found it affordable and serves the purpose of its cost. I am one of those people who have the habit of wearing the Bra round-the-clock. Believe it or not, I cannot sleep without a Bra. This Bra gives me a lot of comforts is a good bed, loosen the strap a bit and sleep well. 

Affordable and elegant comfort 

Mary Prince testimonial-freedombrareviews

I am fond of clothing and spend a lot of money and sometimes waste as well as unnecessary clothing. This time and I purchased this Bra online knowing that the price was four double my first impression was whether the quality would be to the mark.

To my pleasant surprise quality and comfort of the Bra is far more than its price. Ranging from $ 15-$ 40 this Bra is far superior and nevertheless to any of other big brands of was the same design. When living in Arizona I encounter a lot of sweat and summer and keep on pushing my clothes regularly.

I have found this Bra easily washable that neither lose its look nor gets thinner with the passage of time. I certainly recommend this woman to save some money and get a superior product.


8. Women’s Modern Cotton Bralette Reviews

This is one of the most comfortable bras. Due to the Cotton ingredient, it remains super soft and comfortable. It is best for laid back and leisure time. The simplest design comes as non-wired, non-padded and racerback straps. However, for some customer, the lightly lined triangle shape is also available.

Women's Modern Cotton Bralette Reviews

With more area covered by the seamless under the band, the Bralette is designed to support a variety of postures during the laid back time at home. In term of breast types, this design suitable for all types of breasts. However, women with petite athletic and archetype breast will surely enjoy this more. 

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Soft and comfortable Bra

Sandra testimonial-freedombrareviews

I was searching for a bra that can be worn comfortably and does not dig much especially when I am home during weekends. I read many reviews on the Internet and found this Bra, something that would meet my need. After careful consideration, I ordered just one piece online and found it extra soft seamless and very comfortable to put on.

I tried it with a T-shirt, semiformal button shirts and even under formal tops, it works perfectly well. One thing is important to mention that I am a petite girl with relatively small breasts, for me it just what I needed. A big sized girl may also give try, after all, it a cheaper option.

Very Comfortable and gentle on skin

Laura Alvin testimonial-freedombrareviews

Just a couple of weeks back when I came from the gym I found mild rashes on my skin, especially on the chest area. Normally I am used to wearing the polyester bra, but in these conditions, it was difficult for me to wear something with straps and tight under the band. I started looking for a bra which would not fall heavy on my skin. My doctor told me to wear clothing made up of cotton.

There were many options available on the Internet that the freedom bra came to a straightforward solution in the form of Cotton Bralette. It has been more than three weeks now that I am using it comfortably. I ordered a couple of more pieces. This bra is feather-light, easy on the skin and can be had washed, as mentioned in the product description. 

Seamless and Sporty

Heather M.testimonial-freedombrareviews

I am 19 years old; my problem is that I have put too much weight. Feel shy about going to gym such an obese I started my exercises using different types of workout machines within my home. I want to wear something which is comfortable, easy to put and easy to wash.

Freedom bra’s Cotton Bralette is an excellent product it gives me such a peace of mind when I wear it and do the workouts. I also realise that it is equally good to wear during the time or while even going out for a walk. However, there is one limitation which I felt that you need a little bit of upsizing if you are overweight or obese.


9. Women’s Plus Size Full Figure Wonder wire Front Close Bra Reviews

This design is particularly focused on serving the plus-size curvy big girls. The main feature of this bra is the underwire cushioned by a cushioned support band so that the unwanted or accidental wire poke can be prevented. With the well-framed underwire, the bra comfortably protects the breast from falling underneath the lower borderline.

Womens Plus Size Full Figure Wonder wire Front Close Bra Reviews

Front closure mechanism gives added opportunity to lift, especially the saggy bell-shaped breasts. The adjustable straps play an instrumental role in pushing up and holding the large size breasts for longer hours. This Bra is specially designed for women with large sized breasts of a bell and close-set shapes. 

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A big plus for plus size ladies

Gloria Washington testimonial-freedombrareviews

I am writing this review what I purchased something that I’ve never bought before. It is not an ordinary bra; rather, it is something that has some extraordinary features such as cushioned underwire that the design calls itself as wonder-wire.

It is truly wonderful because the wire cushioned piping than the poking and inverse cases piercing even if the fabric around it is fully damaged. Another excellent feature of this part is that it has questioned straps. A big girl like me with heavy breasts DDD size need to have pushed them not at the cost of shoulder pains due to digging straps.

As promised by the manufacturer, straps are lightly padded and questioned in such a way that they do not exert any kind of pressure on shoulders. Usually, the full coverage type of bras are traditionally close on the backside of this particular design is front closing with hook and bar system. You can buy it in seven colours of your choice. It is highly recommended for plus size ladies.

Comfortable and Beautiful

Judith Fintestimonial-freedombrareviews

Bingo, this is what I was looking for. I have been quite some time that I have really purchased my undergarments. I was always reluctant to buy a bra with the closing hooks. The reason for my aching arms and shoulders due to my medical condition as I suffer from arthritis.

This Bra, contrary to others has an excellent front closing system that does not disturb the skin. Straps on shoulders are flattering and light that I do not feel any stress. I can guarantee that you will not find a similar product of the same quality under $ 40. This is beautiful to look at, smooth to touch and great. I will surely recommend this to my friends.

Highly recommended for plus size Women

Kimberley testimonial-freedombrareviews

When I asked my friends to help me with finding a suitable bra I got one comment “why don’t you lose weight and get Slimmer”. That was a time I decided I never asked anyone rather look myself for what I need. I almost spent one week on reviewing the reviews of those who purchased similar type of bras online.

Finally, I came across freedom bra reviews and decided to purchase the same. I feel so comfortable once I put it on as my saggy breasts shape very well, lifted up and there’s no digging, shoulders. I always feel comfortable with the front closing in this Bra is an excellent front closure system. I highly recommend this Bra for the mid-sized women who are undecided as what to purchase and what to wear.


10. Women’s Plus Size Magic Lift Full-Figure Support Bra Reviews

This is one of the widest bras dinged for women who are looking for relaxing comfort al the day along. It comes with a wire-free inner bust band to provide extra lift support. The extended underhand coverage is another feature of this Bra. With some variation, this Bra is also availed in hidden crisscross front wireless magic lift.

Womens Plus Size Magic Lift Full-Figure Support Bra Reviews

This Bra is easy to wash and dry normally. It is available with both front and back closers. Padded straps provide full figure support and prevent the possible stress and strain on shoulders. It is wonderful sexy design for plus size women with big breasts, well suited for saggy relaxed, bell-shaped, round, slender and teardrop breast types. Ultimate Lift and Support Wire-Free Bra

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Magically comfortable Bra

Karen Stallion  testimonial-freedombrareviews

Getting up to its title this is really magically comfortable bra. One reason I like this bra is that this wire-free. I cannot withstand the idea that anything I put on my body has wires in it.

Imagine you’re wearing a T-shirt or pyjama with wires, it is not possible then why should I purchase something which has wires. I tried a number of wireless bras were found one sane problem that this bra solved, supporting the lift.

This cross has embedded band pulled upwards that keeps the shape intact. I am a figure-conscious person and do not want to feel that about my breasts. So far, I have maintained my breasts firm and high, and I don’t want them to be saggy until I am at least 40 years old. I’m sure the comfort this bra I can maintain its shape of my breasts.

Say goodbye to underwire Bras


I’m not sure how to express my feelings, but one thing is sure that I made a decision in buying this magical bra. When I first wore, my impression was wowwww.

It is wonderfully built with a lot of push up support, and its straps do not exert much pressure on shoulders. It is really impressive that after wearing it for the entire day, my shoulders and not show any signs of digging for poking. Right from the early days, my mother was also interested in purchasing one free stuff for her and for myself during my school days.

Now she is 56-year-old, and even she found this product comfortable for herself. It’s a must-try product; I’m sure you also will feel the magic of this bra.

A real full-figure support Bra

Christine Wolf testimonial-freedombrareviews

Just after using it for one week, my first response is that it is an excellent bra if you are looking for full-figure support. Plus size women encounter many challenges in their daily life challenges one of those is wearing something decent that doesn’t give an impression of that choice clothing or vulgarity—being a high school teacher and role model, students.

Some of the girls at the age of 16 to 18 game too much weight on their close to the size of a grown-up woman. I also recommend those girls to try this particular full full-figure support bra. However, this may not be best suited when you’re wearing a T-shirt.


11. Fruit of the Loom Women’s BuiltUp Sports Bra Reviews

Specially designed for athletic girls, it gives ultimate comfort during workouts, yoga, jogging and other exercises With no restriction on the size of the breasts is suitable for all type of breast type and epically works very well flor athletic and petite breasts.

Fruit of the Loom Women's BuiltUp Sports Bra Reviews

The most important feature of this bra is characterised by its fabric with more than 90% of cotton that makes it an ultimate sweat absorbent and least allergic to all most all skin types. It is easy to wear, wash and dry. 

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An excellent sports Bra

Ann testimonial-freedombrareviews

I love it. I am one of those people who do not miss the exercise, just like taking food or have a nap. In normal day-to-day routines, one can wear any type of bra, but when it comes to the workout, especially when you too serious about the health.

Without any backup from closing hooks, it works with pull on closure. I purchased ten pieces, three of those are white. Only to wash it manually it can be machine washed and dried. I am an athletic lifestyle person with petite breasts. This bra helps me keep my confidence up while exercising in gym or public places.

It is the best bra at Home 

Galaxy Tonytestimonial-freedombrareviews

I am a housewife living a suburban life. My lifestyle includes all house chore and even taking care of my kitchen garden. I was recommended this bra by one of my friend who used it for a long time.

Hence I’m not doing any workout outs or biking my first question was, why should I have it. I pushed the set of three bras just to check on what my friend was telling is correct. It has been almost six months that I am using this bra. From the most important feature of this bra is that it does not have any closing hooks; instead, it just comes with the pull on closure.

I wash it regularly with my normal clothes washing machine and dryer it in the same way. I would say that it would be horrible for sporting women, but it is excellent for housewives who have a lot to do at home

Bra for growing Girls

Ashley Webster testimonial-freedombrareviews

I’m writing this review those moms are looking for comfortable, affordable and beautiful bras for their growing girls. I have two daughters of 14 and 11 years.

Both of them into biking and regularly drive the bicycles for up to 10 kilometres every day Right after they come back from biking the need a quick shower and of course a fresh bra, for me as a mother it’s very easy to provide them fresh bra every day as I have purchased 05 sets of thee bras for each girl.

These bras are easily machine washed and not to lose the colour. Being made of 90% cotton, these bras are hygienic and skin-friendly.


12. Women’s Spot Comfort Full-Support Sport Bra Reviews

This is a wonderful combination of utility and aesthetics. Made up of 90% polyester this bra keeps you sweat-free and moulded built-in cup shape gives you confidence as your breast are held close and tight while you are physically active in sporting exercises.

Women's Spot Comfort Full-Support Sport Bra Reviews

The cup moulded blocker lining is designed in such a way that it surely does not put pressure on the lower border of breasts. Cup shape is also crucial in preventing especially the protruding type of nipples pushing out of the bra and becoming visible. It is truly a sports bra, specially designed for athletic women.

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Bra for sporting Champions

Sparkle testimonial-freedombrareviews

This is an excellent bra, active sporting women. The closure is on the backside which I like the most. Straps are not foam supported rather of gel-cushioned, it gives a special style of assistance, especially when I am running or jogging. It is made up of 90% soft fabric polyester. It is easy to put on and comfortable to wear for the time until I am into sporting activities.

I am a personal trainer at the gym. I have to spend the almost entire day among exercising individuals. Even if I am not exercising, I have to wear sports clothing for professional reasons. I feel comfortable with this bra it sweat and chafe-free design. 

Best workout Bra

Diane testimonial-freedombrareviews

If you’re doing regular workouts, this is what you need. This is a specially designed moisture-wicking bra that protects you while you excessively sweat and keep you chafe-free as well. I have observed one thing that it may become itchy sometimes, but once I washed, it did not react to the skin.

While jogging at the public place, I do not need to put on an extra shirt as this bra is fully supporting a considerable cover part of the body. I recommend it to the sporting women of all age, especially those who are doing some kind of daily workout.

Comfortable for beautiful Athletes


When I purchased the first time, I was a little skeptical about getting Uniboob. However of using it and found that the free moulded cups keep intact distance between breasts. I have comfortably used it without any serious issues.

Just like all other athletes, I wanted to feel comfortable, especially during competitions. This bra has given me a lot of confidence, especially when I am on running track for Sprint.


13. Women’s Ultimate Embellished Push Up Bra Reviews

Specially designed to lift the beast with flattering ease and comfort of Embellished styles. This bra is super soft and comes both with and without the underwire. For plus-size women, the wire-free/wireless design is more suited other may use underwired design variation.

Women's Ultimate Embellished Push Up Bra Reviews

The plunged-neck style of this bra comes with soft straps and backside Hook and Eye closure. The logic of this bra is to give women a confident feel sooner pragmatism mother Jones ng with the firm looking pushed up breasts.

Check Price

This bra is well suited for all types of the breast but has proven excellent for ageing, saggy, relaxed and weak muscled breast types. It can be easily hand washed and usually dries. 

A cute push-up Bra

Sherry Alfonsotestimonial-freedombrareviews

My bell-shaped breasts size is 38D. I always needed a bra that would keep my breasts upright and maintain my deep cleavage when I wear my party or dinner dress. I tried the number of similar bras and found that most of those squeeze breasts to the level of suffocation.

This bra is so comfortable that I do not feel pressure on my nipples. Also have observed that the amount of padding his moderate and this bra unlike the others available same style and quality with excessive padding. Design is made elegant with beautiful lacing. I found this bra comfortable and sexy at the same time. 

Sexy and comfy push-up Bra

Suzanne testimonial-freedombrareviews

After the birth of my second child, I started feeling that my 40D sized breasts are getting saggy. I was psychologically disturbed and started thinking of those implants at one time. Later changed my mind search for flaws that could lift my breasts.

After trying the number of lift-up bras is finally found this sexy push-up bra. When I first time wore it, my husband admired me a long time, and I felt a lot of confidence in me. It has an excellent plunge neckline bra coupled with beautiful lace. It is soft and does not dig into the skin as the straps and comfy and adjustable.

Perfect push bra I Wanted 

Megan Williamson testimonial-freedombrareviews

Number one of this bra is its feather lightweight. My skin is sensitive, and I cannot wear any undergarment, which is heavy or scratchy. This bra is super soft inside out perfectly designed to uplift the breasts without putting any digging pressure on the shoulders.

I felt comfortable wearing this bra and almost all types of clothes. However, this may not be a perfect choice when it comes to sleep time as I found it. Due to its deep plunge neckline breast slip out of it, I laid down sideways. I wear 38D, and overall I found this perfect push-up bra for myself. 



1. Do adhesive bras really work?
Before buying a product many women asked million a dollar question; do adhesive bras really work? The answer is absolutely yes. Different users are skeptical about the effectiveness of the sticky bra whether it would stick to the skin surface properly. Feedback and reviews of sticky or adhesive bra customers suggest that depending upon the frequency of usage, type of clothes worn and weather temperature can have impact on the adhesiveness of the bra, in most of the conditions all types of adhesive bras work very well. They come up with higher level of comfort and usability. They are easy to and take of as normal undergarments. This type of bras are best fit with halter neck clothing. They strapless and backless with washable and reusable options.

2. Freedom bra for large breasts
It is usually the difficult for women with comparatively large breast size looking for the bra that fits then well. Freedom bra provides wide range of products that are well suited for large breasts. Most common of such bras are plus size push up bras with side adhesive straps. Deep U-shaped backless adhesive bras with larger coverage area are also popular among women with large breast sizes.

3. How to put on freedom bra ?
The silicone or adhesive bras stand to be one of the most user friendly and easy to put on. Following simple step need to be followed while putting on the Freedom Bra particularly an adhesive or Sticky Bra:
Step one: Remove the plastic/polyester layer from the brand new bra to expose the adhesive or sticky surface
Step two: Start sticking of the cups from bottom of your breasts and move upwards, stick the sideways straps as well if it is U-shaped deep bra.
Step 3: Smoothly press and massage upwards on the upper surface of the bra so that edges of all sides are properly stuck to the breasts.

4. How to wash freedom bra ?
Many users ask question about washing the freedom bra. Please remember following point while washing an adhesive/stick silicon Freedom Bra:
a. Rinse it softly with cold or slightly warm water with hands and do not put it in washing machine
b. Use mild soap while washing and do not use any strong detergent or bleach, this may damage or even remove the adhesive surface of the bra.
c. Once washed, the bra’s outer surface will feel as if the adhesiveness is gone but don’t worry it comes back to normal once bra is completely dried up.
d. You can frequently wash the adhesive or sticky bra but make sure that the water quality is good. Heavy and salty water can gradually weaken the stickiness of the bra.

5. Are freedom bras reusable ?
Freedom Bras are reusable just like all other all kind of bras. In fact they are easier to maintain and use as they do not absorb any water or sweat so that don’t smell nasty. No special detergent, washing machine or dry cleaning is required to clean it as these can be hand washed easily.